The superficial stuff…

As I near my 61st birthday, I want to try new things….hobbies I suppose. I have thought of many options over the past few months and have decided to give pottery a go this fall; try my sleuthing skills as I take up Geocaching; and I want to write a blog.   I am still trying to figure out this retirement thing, and have come to the conclusion that, for me, retirement is a job where I work as hard as I ever did, I just don’t get paid for any of it!

Over the past thirty years I have started, owned and operated a retail store, a consulting business, a security company, an armoured car company, and an expediting & delivery business. I have also worked for an NGO; a small charter airline; a mid-sized commercial airline; a publishing company; a crown corporation. I have cleaned office buildings and people’s homes. I have been first a reporter, and then editor, of two community newspapers.

I have sat as both a town and a city Councillor, been appointed and elected to numerous boards and commissions, both as a paid and volunteer member.

I have raised two children, four step children, and now brag about five grandchildren.

I have had pure bred dogs, rescue dogs, and other people’s cast off dogs.

I have lived from coast to coast to coast in this great country I call home: Canada.

Welcome to my blog, my life and my journey. Grab a seat, get comfy,  stay awhile.

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