The Dark Months Cometh


Autumn always makes me melancholy. I find I miss those I care about more this time I year; I tend to be more pessimistic than I normally am; my energy level plummets; and my social skills go into hibernation.

Unlike many people in the Northern Hemisphere, Autumn is not my favourite season. I am a spring gal. Heck, years ago when it was the ‘in’ thing to “have your colours done”, even the consultant said I was a spring gal.

Sure,  there are things I enjoy about fall. Living in the land of the midnight sun doesn’t provide much ambience on a summer’s evening. There is something ethereal about lanterns casting their glow across the footpath; candle light wafting across the faces of friends at a dinner table; the dance of a campfire flame. For any of those things to exist, you need darkness …and fall.


One of my favourite times of day is dusk, when you walk by homes just as darkness descends. The soft light casting shadows from windows onto the lawns and gardens outside. It’s that warm, homey….melancholy feeling that wraps me in a warm embrace as I see families gather back together after a day spent apart.

I enjoy the  ‘comfort foods’ of autumn like homemade stews and soups.

But, it’s the smell of the earth…that decaying, rotted smell; the trees shedding their leaves, standing stripped naked against the storms to come. It’s getting up in the dark….difficult for a morning person. It’s the shortening of the days; it’s the weight of heavier clothes; it’s wearing socks and coats again. It’s the lethargic feeling that I can’t shake. It’s the attraction…and the fear…of aloneness that I crave.

I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, or S.A.D. for short. I was diagnosed just over 20 years ago. There are varying degrees…mine is severe. S.A.D. is a type of clinically defined depression that occurs at certain times of year, mainly during winter. It can be brought on by grey cloudy days, or in my case, months of very short daylight hours and long hours of darkness. Treatments vary and can include prescription drugs and light therapy. I opt for the latter.

I struggle every day just to function. It is all I can do to pull myself out of bed, shower and brush my teeth. I would prefer to sit in a vegetative state until the warmth of the spring sun brings my body, and my spirit, back to life. I literally have to talk myself through each day.

All of this doesn’t explain my dislike of fall, as I didn’t always suffer from S.A.D. Perhaps, it is, for me, the season of death. I lost my Father in the fall. My first husband died in the fall. A dear friend, my Maid of Honour, was murdered in the fall. For me, it is the season of loss; of unplanned endings. Of great pain.  It means the darkness is coming and I never know what form that darkness will take.


I will myself through it because as surely as I breathe, I know that spring is only six months away. It gives me strength …and hope.

If X=Y, What is a Derivative of Useless Information?


Hooray! Another successful day,  and not once did I have to use calculus!

What is calculus you ask? Well:


“… the branch of mathematics that deals with the finding and properties of derivatives and integrals of functions, by methods originally based on the summation of infinitesimal differences. The two main types are differential calculus and integral calculus .”

I know, hey!?! Pretty darn impressive….IF you happen to  know what ‘derivatives’ ;’ integrals of functions’; and ‘infinitesimal differences’ are….I do not.

Now, to be fair,  I have used trig and geometry many times. Recently we sided our cabin with cedar shingles and given the various roof lines, all of the maths involving angles and degrees came in very handy. They made sense when I studied them, and I find practical uses for them on a regular basis. Heck, along with the basic properties of physics, I used math to become a pretty decent pool player. I tried to apply the same principals to golf but wasn’t as successful.

I use arithmetic daily. Division, multiplication, addition and subtraction…at least one of these is pulled out and dusted off whether I am calculating square feet; converting those square feet to metres;  deciding how big a roast I need to feed six; how many kilometres I got on my last tank of gas; balancing the books of my businesses. It is a knowledge worth having.

Never once since high school have I had occasion to use algebra for any practical purpose. I still question the necessity of using letters and other symbols to represent numbers – unless you are doing a cryptogram – but seriously. Why not just use the number??? If 3x=15, why not just write 3×5=15? I don’t get it. Was someone bored one day and decided to make life for high school students a hellish nightmare by coming up with these ridiculous equations?


Until recently, I always believed that polynomials were various types of polyester fabric and an abelian was someone from Albania. The first clue for math teachers should have been that glazed look in my eye, and if they didn’t pick up on that, you’d have thought the drool running down the corner of my mouth toward my chin would have triggered a reaction….but nooooooo. No one noticed that I got lost on the road to the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. Honestly, I don’t know how I have survived all these years, learned to sail a boat, fly a plane, read a balance sheet and time all the vegetables to be cooked at exactly the same time without any of this ‘magic’.

By the way, the only time I have ever used calculus or algebra since high school, was when I was enlisted to assist my children with their homework. I want to publicly apologize now. It was a dismal failure. Correction: I was a dismal failure.