I’m Listening


2014. Ahhhhhh, I like the sound of that.

Fresh starts, new outlooks, better choices: none need wait for the start of a new week, month, year. However, other than a new fallen snow, is there anything so fresh as the turn of the calendar page from one year to the next? It’s like the world just gave us blanket permission to wipe away all the trials, tribulations, sadness, pain, hurt and failures, and to awake to a whole new chance.

January 1st always seems like a magical date to me…and this year with a new moon, it will hold extra special magic…in fact, it seems with another new moon on January 30th, 2014 is set to be a stellar year, full of promise, balance, compassion, joy and courage. But we must be mindful and pay attention to what each of our paths will bring.

Weeks ago, a friend, Dana over at http://thebeautifulreal.com , (a site I encourage you all to check out – she’s on Facebook too) issued a call to take up the “One Word” challenge. I’d read about this before, and there are several sites and books based on the premise, which, in short is, rather than take on a list…or even one new years resolution, you select one word to focus on for the coming year.

Never in a calendar year did I think this would be such a difficult challenge!. In fact, I never thought it would be a challenge at all! After Dana threw this right in my path where I had to trip over it, I agreed to make something I’d been unconsciously doing for a few years, more, hmmmm…well ‘formal’.

I will hold tight to last years’ word ‘gratitude’, for it has held me in good stead as I meandered my way through many months of pain, turmoil, confusion and anger, until, ultimately GRATITUDE lead me to a place where I was in the best head space of recent memory. I can’t let that go….and so,  I struggled for weeks on a new word to add for 2014.

My list kept getting longer, but one word keep showing up…in conversations, in writings, in my heart…and so, here it is…the word that choose me. I hear a lot, but sometimes I forget to pay attention…to the words NOT spoken; to the rustle of my intuition; to the stirring of my heart, to the movement of the Northern Lights. And so, as we enter this promise of a spectacular year, here, with gratitude to the beautiful woman at The Beautiful Real,  is my word:

Listening is to hearing, as seeing is to looking, and so, I will continue to be grateful and add something each day to my gratitude jar, and I will do my utmost to listen….really listen. To my husband, to my children, my grandchildren, my friends, and yes even to my dog.

I want to stop missing out on what the world around me is saying. I want to attune myself to the messages the universe tries to continually place in my path; to the whispers  God the Creator sends my way each and everyday. I don’t want to sleep through the music of life anymore.

And so, dear friends, on this, the purest, freshest day of a promise filled new year, this is my  wish for you: may you each find truth wherever your search takes you; may you receive enough smiles and hugs to sustain you through your alone times; if you can’t write a great novel, may you read at least one; may your heartache be tempered with memories of joyous, loving times; may your words be kind and your deeds kinder; may you get back tenfold of what you give; may your dreams be sweet; and may your health be appreciated and never taken for granted. But most of all, may you walk in the light every one of the next 365 days. Blessings.

2 thoughts on “I’m Listening

  • Enjoyed your first post of 2014. You do have a way with words my friend and as with your previous posts I love reading them.
    Please post more often, I have missed them as it was a long time since your last in 2013m
    Take care my friend

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